Shakira rocks closing ceremony

1405277419542   Shakira, Wyclef Jean and  Carlos Santana gave a befitting performance at the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup closing ceremony. A quick and exciting show enough to lift the spirits of the mournful Brazilian fans.   1405277369956 32 dancers appeared on the pitch carrying 32 flags, representing the countries that participated in the mundial. They danced around in their samba attires then made their way off the pitch, save for the dancers carrying the flags of the last two nations that would be involved in the  final game which came after the ceremony – Germany and Argentina. Then came the star of the moment – Shakira, who made her way majestically onto the pitch singing “Dare (La,La,La). Donning a red dress of sequined straps with a revealing fringe skirt, the waka waka queen announced her entrance banging on a Carnaval drum accompanied by samba dancers. Not to forget Brazilian percussionists Carlinhos Brown who came out in an hilarious black tie and an Indian headdress.   1405288826438 Brazilians love to party. So irrespective of their 7-1 humiliating loss to Germany and the humbling 3-0 third place loss to the Netherlands, Shakira came to party and blew them away with her sonorous voice and delectable body whines. By the time Wyclef Jean, Santana and Alexandre Pires came on the stage with the official World Cup anthem “Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)”, the excitement had reached the skies. The fans were already dancing to the rhythm and singing aloud. Electrifying! That was what the closing ceremony offered, as opposed to the lukewarm opening ceremony by the trio of Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. The opening ceremony on June 12 was widely castigated for its poor audio and technical glitches. Though Shakira’s La la la song didn’t win the bid as the tournament official song, it won over the fans and the closing ceremony. It was so good that it had more YouTube views (220 million) than Pitbulls Ole Ola (189 millon). In 20 minutes the closing ceremony was done and dusted, leaving the fans in a roar and wanting more. The brazuca was unleashed and rolled around by the feisty crowds. It had been a terrific tournament and the final between Argentina and Germany will serve has the mouth watering topping to a thrilling world cup.   Written by Latipha Adebayo @phatill

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