Cruyff says Messi is better than Ronaldo

Ex-Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff has revealed that Lionel Messi is a better than Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, due to the Argentine’s superior technique.

He underlined the virtues of both players, but for the former Barcelona manager, there is no debate. His preference is clear: ”For me, I have always liked small, technical players because that’s a little what I was like. Ronaldo is a great player, but he’s a goal scorer. He will never be the player that can create or force a team to play well. He cares about finishing. He is a great player.

Messi is much more of a team player than Cristiano. He gives passes, produces many more assists… so for me, as a player, not a goalscorer, although he also scores a lot, the best is Messi. For me, there’s a great difference between being a great player and a goalscorer.

At the same time, the Dutchman is also convinced that “the Ballon d’Or must be Messi’s this year. There is no discussion.”

Cruyff is regarded as one of the greatest player ever, he revolutionized football, he organized his team, he timed passes perfectly like nobody else did, he read the game better and faster than anybody else, he was an underrated long-range shooter, if he wanted to he could be a legendary scorer at his younger days, but he opted to be unselfish, the best passer in football history.

Cruyff says Messi is better than Ronaldo
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