Claudio Ranieri: 2015/2016 Shot Caller Of the Season

A shot caller is described as one who calls the shots. He is usually one that works behind the scenes

Football managers across the world can be classified as shot callers. They call the shots in the football clubs they manage and are tasked with the responsibilty of ensuring the club is successful under their watch. Great managers across the globe such as Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, etc are highly regarded because of the successes they have managed to impact on their respectful clubs.

Sixty four year old Italian manager, is unarguably 2015/2016 shot caller of the season in the football world( I mean winning Epl title no be beans, ask Bros Wenger if nah lie)

Ranieri shakes hands with his boys after a good game

Having spent 22 season managing top flight clubs in Europe, he has never won a league title prior to now. Although finishing runner up, a couple of times with Chelsea, Juventus, Monaco and Roma; the title has just been eluding him.

Well, that story seems to change now as Claudio has pulled up one of footballs most impossible tasks this season,’ Winning the EPL title with a club that has just been promoted from relegation’

The Italian enjoys a good relationship with his boys

We at correctfootball love correct football and he is by every means our shotcaller of the season. #boss

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