Europes’s Most Successful club Of The 21st Century

The stats would prove everything that needs to be prove without much hassle. With 4 champions league won in the 21st century which is second to none, 8 la liga titles in the last decade and a bundle of many other titles in their kitty it is an unarguable fact that Barcelona is the best football team in Europe in this century so far.. In 2009 they set a record of being the first club to win what is called the ‘sextuple’ in a season, winning all the titles available in which they partook in.


What makes this club tick is special, Messi;the little magician who is now regarded as the best footballer of all time is indescribable. The Argentine has been pivotal to his side’s success and is the key to Barcelona’s European and World dominance.

It amazes me to hear people claim they are Barca fans, that should be banned, I mean it sounds like cheating to support a team like Barcelona, its just like Bill gates trying to compete financially with the average man.

Anyways though they crashed out of the 2015/2016 UEFA semi finals as they were humbled by rivals ,Athletico Madrid, they are no doubt the most feared club in the world

Congratulations Barcelona on your successful double!

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