Laugh Away Your Sorrows


13 Pictures That Are Too Real For Nigerians Who Were Obsessed With Whot.


Today is another Thursday and like we do every Thursday, we give you some medicine to laugh away your sorrows on this site.

Today we digress a little away from football as we take a look at a game asides football most Nigerians love, the game of Whot(cards)

These pictures showcase a lot anybody who has played Whot before has passed through.

  1. When the person shuffling the cards thinks they are in a casino in Vegas

2. The joy of picking up your cards and seeing:

3. How you feel when you give everybody general market:

Go and pick joor!

4. When you drop that pick 2 like a boss and chop pick 4 back


5.You, when your best friend hits you with pick 3.

Are we not friends again?

6.You, trying to remember which card is “hold on” and which one is “suspension”.

1 abi 8?

7.When someone spoils your “I need…”

What the hell?

8.When you play the wrong card and they pack general market and give you.

Is it fair?

9. How you look at people that say “demi-semi-last card”:


10. Your face whenever someone plays star.

See wahala.

11. How everyone sees you when you say ‘last card’.

All the pick 2s’ and pick 3s’ will start appearing. Evil people.

12. How you feel the moment you say “check up”.

Turn up.

13.When you check up first and you’re waiting for everyone else to finish.

You people should do and finish.

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