Nigerian Football Fans And Their Characteristics

To say Nigerians are crazy about football will surely be an understatement.

One would have to borrow a much more stronger adjective to describe their love for football.

The EPL being the most watched league in the world is also the most watched league in Nigeria with a lot of fans.

Sit back and relax as I describe the various characteristics of different fans that belong to different clubs.


These guys are the most loyal fans in the world. Come on you just have to give it to them, being with a club for over 12 years without a major trophy. Arsenal fans are suited to be the best husbands, if you marry them you are sure to have a loyal man. Besides Arsenal fans are usually cool and handsome guys. Most of the wealthiest elite in the country support them including; Dangote, Atiku, Banky W, etc


If you have seen these guys former coach, Jose Mourinho, then you have already seen the nature of the fans. The ‘Chosen one’ was able to instill a wide viewership and follower-ship during his tenure and He is quite notorious for his Arrogance which is a notable trait in Chelsea fans in Nigeria(I dont know about the rest of the world). From the streets of Obalende, to Mushin to Ajegunle; majority of the football fans there are all Chelsea fans. Check the stickers on danfo buses and you will see, (nah Chelsea get am). Never argue with a Chelsea fan if not ehn…….*lips sealed* Most notable of their fans include the ‘gra-gra’ Psquare, A.Y, etc


These guys are without doubt the Fans with pride and prestige. Their club unarguably has the richest history in England, thanks to Alex Ferguson and as such the fans carry themselves with pride and don’t usually shout too much. Most notable of their fans is Don Jazzy, Tosyn Bucknor, etc


The noisy neighbors have started growing ever since Arab money took control of the club. Most of their fans are run-away fair weather fans which ran to the club from their various clubs when they were not performing well to support City.  Therefore one common attribute about these set of fans is, *in Chris Brown’s voice*, “These hoes aint loyal”


There’s no much to describe these set of fans apart from the fact they are the opposite of their slogan “We will never walk alone”. The truth of the matter is that they indeed walk alone. Go into any viewing center and ask for a Liverpool fan to stand up, you will barely see more than 3 who are proud of their club standing. We just pray Klopp can give them back their LIVER *tongue out* .

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