Europe Or South America: Which continent produces the better footballers?


After watching the Copa America and the Euros simultaneously, I couldnt help but be more


This question is something that has always been lingering on my mind so I brought it to the

general public.

We all know when it comes to the best of world football no continent comes close to Europe and

South America.


Analysing this more critically, a part of me wants to give it to South America; I mean they have

produced 2 of the greatest footballers of all time in Pele and Maradona. The current world's top

finishers come from there with the likes of Messi, Suarez,Aguero,Sanchez, Higuain, Neymar,etc.

Brazil, a South American country also boasts of holding the world cup record with 5 titles in their


Sa team

The other part of me which makes an argument for their European counterparts wants to give the

honours to the European continent. First of all the, they have the most organized Football leagues

in the world with the EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga among the most watched leagues on earth.

Secondly, European countries have a total of 11 world cup wins unlike South America with a

combined total of 9. Another argument that stands out for Europe is that the world's greatest

midfielders are all from Europe, which include players like Iniesta, Xavi, Ozil, Pirlo, Pogba,

Modric, etc.

europe team


Seeing the arguments for both sides are both equally outmatched, I have come to my final

conclusion, Europe produces the greatest footballers. Why? You may ask. Its because for every

one great footballer that South America produces, Europe produces 5 more. Also besides

Attacking players, Europe produces the best of midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers.

I rest my case.

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