Have You Heard About The Fantasy Premier League Challenge?

I was watching a football game last season with my cousin when he decided to introduce me to something interesting; Fantasy Premier League.

Ever since then I have been addicted to it  like a Rabbit with his carrot.

I know many Nigerians participate in the FPL already but many still aren’t aware of the game in a country were we have millions of football lovers.

Basically, the Fantasy Premier league is a free online competition whereby football fans round the world compete against each other by selecting their dream or fantasy footballers in the EPL to form a team. This team is then ranked according to the performance of your players in real life, week in week out; so in other words you are a football manager of your dream team.

That’s not all ; great prizes are rewarded to winners weekly, monthly and yearly and you get to be popular if your squad does well.

Already over 3 million people have signed up for this season’s ongoing FPL.

Don’t be a LASTma, sign up today and get to show your friends how bad of a manager you are!

Register your team at fantasy.premierleague.com.

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